Variable Geometry Turbo

turbo geometria variable

Can a variable geometry turbo be remanufactured?

The answer is yes. Any product that can be manufactured, can be remanufactured.

Variable geometry or VNT turbos require high precision in their construction. If this requirement is not met, then other related problems may occur in the engine or other parts.

The majority of repair companies do not have the means to calibrate the variable geometry of a turbo, given the fact that this requires very accurate machinery.

Turbo Motor Inyección has developed a test bench that electronically regulates the variable geometry. In this way we are able to guarantee the correct positioning of the variable geometry vanes, thereby ensuring that the turbo generates an adequate air flow and functions perfectly.

Very few turbo companies in Europe have this technology.

We are therefore able to guarantee that the variable geometry turbos remanufactured by Turbo Motor comply with all the requirements demanded to guarantee correct on board operation.

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