The future is electric

turbo electrico

It is obvious that the future of the automotive is for electric or hybrid vehicles. Big turbo manufacturers have been exploring the possibilities of creating an electric turbo for a long time, and it seems that Garrett has just announced the long-awaited news.

These turbos have been developed in competitions like F1, where they have been used for years.

“The electric turbo can eliminate the delay of conventional turbos from the moment we put our foot down until it starts working.”

This turbo incorporates a small electric motor within the turbo cartridge, which is electronically controlled and connected to a fast-charging battery. This electric motor is able to increase turbocharger rotation instantaneously, from the tick over. Its installation allows removing the present lag in any conventional turbocharging systems.

To get an idea, we would reach the target torque in just 1 second at 1500 rpm, while in a non-electric turbocharger we would need 4.5 seconds.

Furthermore, this system allows the installation of larger dimensions turbos without compromising the tune-up and power delivery at low rpm.

Additionally, this turbo will be able to recover kinetic energy thanks to its integrated motor. This energy is dissipated as heat, and through this system, it will be stored in the battery of the car hybrid system. It will be implemented by 2021 in high-end vehicles, but it will eventually be available to all kinds.

All are benefits, aren’t they? Without a doubt, we welcome the Electric Turbo.