Health and Safety Policy

Turbo Motor Inyeccion S.L., a company dedicated to recovering automotive industry parts, is aware of the importance of its human capital and has established the implementation and continuous improvement of a Safety and Health Management System as one of its priorities, in compliance with all requirements of the OHSAS 18001 Standard. With the support of management, the purpose of this policy is to guarantee the mental, physical and social well-being of the company’s employees, offering safe and adequate workplaces. Therefore, ALL rules and regulations set forth will be of mandatory compliance for ALL of the company’s employees, contractors and visitors.

The company’s Management will be responsible for making available the resources and means to achieve this objective.

In addition, all occupational hazard prevention tasks will be managed in strict compliance with the current legislation.

The general parameters used to fulfil this commitment are:

  • All of the company’s or third-party staff and/or representatives will be informed and trained on the current occupational rules and preventive measures, and will participate in all matters affecting occupational health and safety. All of the company’s staff must collaborate and participate in the compliance with occupational safety and health regulations, adopting the conduct at work that prevents potential work-related risks and reporting any potentially hazardous situation.
  • · All supervisors and staff responsible for managing their own or third-party collaborator staff will be responsible for guaranteeing the safety and health of such workers. Therefore, they will be required to have a perfect understanding of and ensure that all prevention regulations affecting work are complied with.


All managers and supervisors must integrate this policy in all activities carried out or managed by them:

  • Controlling risks will be the main priority when performing any task.
  • All managers will be responsible for guaranteeing a safe and healthy place to work in and must guarantee the physical and mental well-being of each and every worker.
  • They will implement all necessary measures to prevent accidents and illnesses and improve the working conditions, avoiding or trying to mitigate the source of these risks. They will try to replace hazards with situations that lead to minor or no risks and adapt the type of work to the person.


Should any harm to the health of workers or incidents occur, despite the adoption of specific measures, these will be investigated to learn about the incident and implement actions that prevent it from happening again.
The company will receive al technical support required when taking decisions associated with the prevention of occupational risks, as a form of support to the task of managing occupational risks.
This statement must remain in force at all times and reviewed to make sure it is adapted when needed, as well as disseminated to all of the company’s staff and made available to all of the company’s stakeholders.
This Policy will be disseminated by line managers to all of the company’s staff and be made available to all of the company’s stakeholders.

The company’s Management will monitor its own preventive activity with the purpose of achieving the continuous improvement of the occupational safety and health of Turbo Motor Inyeccion S.L

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